Antique silver dating marks

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This was brought in by King Charles I, and was intended then, as now, to be a form of consumer protection.

Instead a newer, higher standard of 95.8% pure, was introduced.

In 1973, there was a mark introduced to celebrate Ireland’s entry into the EEC. These are an invaluable aid, and are highly recommended!

Weldons of Dublin are leading dealers in Antique Irish Silver, and for over 100 years have traded in high quality silver.

(With practise, such small differences will be second nature to spot).

There are only 24 years between the two, as back then the letter I and V were skipped. A list of most of the date letters used between 1700 and today is here: List of Antique and Modern Irish Hallmarks You can also see that there is a fourth mark beside the 1812 hallmarks, on the right hand side, a mark of the king’s head.

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This is a duty mark, used from 1809 until until 1895.