Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

Posted by / 03-Mar-2020 15:35

Trusts in Active Directory take a different approach than this "connect everything with trusts" approach. NET Server 2003's Active Directory, trusts are more powerful and simplistic at the same time.

NET Server 2003 that require a reintroduction to the domain design process.Mistakes made in the design portion of Active Directory can prove to be costly and difficult to correct.Many assumptions about basic Active Directory domain and functional structure have been made, and many of them have been incorrect or based on erroneous information.Now you can rename your Active Directory domain structure if a merger or acquisition takes place.The psychological factor alone of having to make a decision and not being able to change it has kept some organizations away from deploying Active Directory in the past.

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Even through mistakes in Active Directory design have become more forgiving than they were with Windows 2000, it is still important to thoroughly examine the various aspects of your organization to design an infrastructure that aligns with your needs.

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