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Blog list not updating

The other layout options work pretty much the same way.The Affects Arrange flag will cause Invalidate Arrange() to be called on the target element when the property changes.I’d like to highlight one more feature that is available in Silverlight if you use my code snippets.Those who watched the value coercion video might have glimpsed the following enum within the Framework Property code file: This enum provides a limited subset of the metadata options that are available in WPF.As such, you typically register a Property Changed Callback on the property and then explicitly call Invalidate Measure() and/or Invalidate Arrange() within your callback.If you use my snippets, you can follow the exact same approach in Silverlight that you would use in WPF for properties that affect layout.The coercion routine for the Maximum property looks something like this: Whenever the related Minimum property changes, the control explicitly coerces the Maximum property.This ensures that the Maximum value stays valid with respect to the new Minimum value.

Effective Value It is important to recognize that with value coercion, a dependency property has both a “base” (or “desired”) value and an “effective” (or “coerced”) value.This is done by combining the desired flags using a bitwise “OR” and then passing that value into the appropriate Dependency Property. As an example, the Width property on Framework Element is registered with the Affects Measure option.As such, the property engine will take care of invalidating measure on the target element whenever the Width property changes.I hope you find the provided layout metadata options handy! The mechanism for coercing values is identical to the Coerce Value Callback approach used in WPF. If you are not familiar with value coercion, it is simply a mechanism by which related (or ) dependency properties can be kept in sync and valid.The quintessential example can be found within the Slider control. Clearly, it would be a problem if the Maximum value were allowed to fall below the Minimum value.

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Unfortunately, this can lead to code that is cumbersome to maintain, especially if you need to use the same mechanism in several different classes.

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