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has been carefully tuned to be a great starting point for any black and white photograph, resulting in better tonal separation and contrast than photos that started off in Adobe Standard and were converted into black and white.

is optimized for all skin tones, providing more control and better reproduction of skin tones.

was designed to greatly improve the look and rendering of warm tones, improving the transitions between certain color ranges, and slightly increasing the starting contrast of your photos.

Since Adobe Color is the new default (but only for newly imported photos), it was designed to work on the widest range of photos and ensures that regardless of the subject, your photo will look great.

Our profiles incorporate deep imaging science and take into consideration the colors of the filters used on top of the sensors (the array of red, green, and blue filters that help an otherwise colorblind sensor “see” the colorful world around us), the specific sensitivity of the sensor used, the sensor’s characteristics in different lighting conditions and with different ISO values to interpret the digital 1s and 0s into images inside Adobe photography products.

For non-raw photographs (like JPEGs and TIFFs), a profile isn’t needed to render the photo, as all of the rendering was done already (either in another raw processor or within the camera itself).

These relative newcomers are producing web series that defy traditional gender roles and better represent our diversity as an audience.

Their shows are getting increasingly popular, racking up millions of views and starting to win awards.“We didn’t want to make something that’s gender-specific,” Alexandra Roxo, the co-creator of one of these series, .

In ACR and Lightroom Classic, Adobe Standard was the lone Adobe Raw profile available, and within Lightroom CC (including the i OS, Android, Chrome OS, and Web versions), Adobe Standard was there and used, but you couldn’t change it.However, profiles can be used for creative purposes to change the look and feel of the photo.With this release, we’re adding six brand new Adobe Raw profiles, complementing the tried-and-true Adobe Standard.In Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw, we’ve moved profiles from the Camera Calibration panel to the Basic panel and we’re now adding them into Lightroom CC (on Macintosh, Windows, i OS, Android, and Chrome OS) at the top of the edit panel.We’ve also greatly expanded their capabilities with six brand new Adobe Raw profiles, over 40 new Creative profiles, and an all new Profile Browser that lets you quickly compare and select the best profile for your photo.

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Within ACR and Lightroom, a profile is used to render your photograph, converting it from raw camera information into the colors and tones that we see.

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