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While Singer have made a name for themselves by converting newer Porsches into long-hood replicas complete with the latest and greatest running gear, Magnus sticks to the tried-and-true retro-mod methodology.Like all of his other well-known builds, this car started out its life as an early nine-eleven, Walker has simply accentuated, tuned and tweaked what was there.

I think that this is the build that will truly elevate Magnus from a dreadlocked guy in a shed bolting together nine-elevens to a highly regarded car builder.When I first visited Magnus with Ben and Larry back in November the car was still a work-in-progress.While the boys carried on about this, that and the other for Ben’s article, I mostly kept to myself and made mental notes about the way these cars are built.For the Porsche addict there are lots of little details waiting to be spotted and appreciated, many of which are not only fun but rewarding for the die-hard to discover.For a while now Walker’s work has often been compared to what the guys at Singer Vehicle Design are doing, which is very good company to be associated with no doubt.

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Up until this car, I would have said they’re a world apart, but I think Magnus is closing the gap quickly.

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