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He is the Director of the Center for Prevention of Youth Behavior Problems. He has authored more than 210 scientific articles, chapters and books, and this work has primarily focused on the causes and consequences of highly aggressive behavior in childhood.In addition to his prevention research on the Coping Power program, Dr.He developed Abuse-Focused CBT for child physical abuse which has now been expanded into "Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" (AF-CBT; for use with families involved in conflict, coercion, and/or physical aggression/abuse. Michael Rapoff provides a summary of the assessment tools used to measure adherence to medication regimens. Rapoff discusses the consequences to nonadherence and barriers that families and children face in following medication regimens. His research, funded by NIH and the Arthritis Foundation, over the past 30 years has focused on adherence to pediatric medical regimens and pain. Rapoff has 93 publications in journals or books, including the second edition of a single-authored book published in 2010 on medical adherence (Adherence to Pediatric Medical Regimens, 2nd ed. He also sees patients 1 day per week in his Behavioral Pediatrics Outreach Clinics in Lawrence, Kansas. John Lochman provides a description of the components common to evidence-based prevention programs for aggression in children from preschool age to early adolescence.

Well, it took a while to get it together (given that they don’t have that on the Trialpay website), but here are 132 trialpay product offers (first 15 are more interesting, given those are more popular products – each product offer has in parenthesis a short description about the program and also the price that it’s normally sold for, that you don’t have to pay).After Hurricane Andrew (1992), and continuing with Hurricane Charley (2004) and Ike (2208), La Greca conducted multiple prospective studies of children's risk and resilience. She has published more than 90 articles and chapters and is the co-author of several cognitive behavioral treatment manuals and the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for Children, all published by Oxford University Press. Albano served as a Principal Investigator for a 6-site, National Institute of Mental Health-sponsored study entitled "Child/Adolescent Anxiety Multimodal Treatment Study" (CAMS) and was also a PI for the Treatments for Adolescents with Depression Study (TADS).She edited a book on Helping Children Cope with Disasters and Terrorism and developed evidence-based intervention manuals, including After the Storm. Both trials examined the relative efficacy of CBT, medication, combination treatment, and pill placebo in youth. John Piacentini provides an overview of the symptoms, impairment, genetics, and neurobiology of OCD.Financial disclosures: Past Consultant, scientific advisor, speaker, grant recipient: Mc Neil/Alza/Janssen (Concerta), Abbott (Cylert), Shire (Adderall, Adderall XR, guanfacine), Noven (Daytrana), Lilly (Strattera), Cephalon (Sparlon), Current consultant: Noven. D., ABPP, is the Director of the Center for Children and Families (CCF) at Florida International University, an interdisciplinary center with faculty and student involvement from the Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics.To read more about behavior therapy for ADHD please follow this link. He has conducted much of this research through his Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children with ADHD, which has been recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA), CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD), and SAMHSA as a model program, and is widely recognized as the state-of-the-art in treatment for ADHD. Pelham has authored or co-authored more than 290 professional papers dealing with ADHD and its treatment, both psychosocial and pharmacological. Pelham is a fellow of the APA and the American Psychological Society, and past President of the Society of Child Clinical and Adolescent Psychology, the International Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, and the Professional Group for Attention Deficit and Related Disorders. Charles Cunningham provides a description of the components common to evidence-based parenting programs.

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Financial disclosures: Research Support/Honoraria/SAB for BMS, GSK, and FIU. D., is a Professor of Psychiatry and the Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Carlson has received several awards in recognition of her work in child psychiatry. Carlson for her outstanding research contributions in advancing the mental health of children and adolescents with her description of the symptoms and outcome of bipolar disorder (previously known as manic-depressive illness) in young people. Carlson's research interests include mood/bipolar disorder and ADHD. Frick describes an evidence-based approach to mental health assessment. D is a University Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of New Orleans. Frick has published over 160 manuscripts in either edited books or peer-reviewed publications and he is the author of 6 additional books and test manuals. Frick is the editor of the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, the official journal of Division 53 of the American Psychological Association.