Colton and skylar american idol dating dating culture and ethnicity

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Colton and skylar american idol dating

So I have to assume it’s going to be Phil Squared, BUT, but, but … Lo draped over Randy’s lap while Steven Tyler feeds them both warm dates from his own mouth. Then I’d laugh and laugh and laugh because it’s funny to see the suffering of a fake-earnest, fake-punk, fake-nice kid. I don’t know how her career is going to pan out, but there’s no question she will (a) make millions of dollars, (b) sing hooks on hit hip-hop tracks, and (c) show up on every VH1 for the next 10 years.In a related question, do we only watch this show to air out our high school frustrations? Is Jessica Sanchez the most vocally gifted contestant they’ve ever had on the show? She’s gotten to the point where her slightly “meh” personality doesn’t matter anymore.All season long, Grantland Idol ultramarathoners Mark Lisanti and Jay Caspian Kang will answer five very important questions after each performance show. It’s madness to predict she’s going to be the one who snaps The Streak — we don’t have to get into it, you know who’s won the last four years, how could you not when Lee De Wyze tops the charts for 68 consecutive weeks with “No Not That One (I’m The Other One)? Do you like the producers’ decision to create drama/beef between Colton Dixon and Philip Phillips? Lisanti: I’m kind of in favor of it, if only because it’s hilarious to watch them try so hard to crowbar the chillest of bros apart.

Jennifer Lopez waved to the crowd as she took the stage for last night's episode of American Idol. Kang: Before I answer this fantastic question, I wanted to share something I noticed about Skylar. Last night, she took a Kellie Pickler song that nobody has ever heard and blew it out. put on a big red Judd wig and put on some eyeliner..I feel like a crazy person shouting “STOP BEING DAVE MATTHEWS! ” at the TV every week, or begging Jimmy to finally bring down the Dave hammer on him at the coaching session. Derisively whistle a couple of bars of “Ants Marching.” SOMETHING. It’s easy to forget, but , and as such, you need to stage your “journey” properly. Hollie goes home; they let her talk too much last night, her noncommittal accent weirds people out. Jay Caspian Kang likes to ruminate on his high school glory days.At this point I’d even settle for a Tommy Hilfiger puka necklace intervention. The problem with Philip Phillips is that he hasn’t changed at all. All Philip Phillips had to do to win was sing one really good rendition of an old gospel/soul standard. I’m going to revise my previous pick and say P-Squared goes home in third, behind BB Chez and Skylar.

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