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This calculator will add a file, known as a local shared object or a Flash cookie, to your computer.This file contains configuration information, as well as information you enter and the calculator results you are presented.This debt calculator can help you create a debt repayment plan.You may find that debt consolidation loans are the best option to help you formulate a path to financial freedom.To speak with an RBC credit specialist, call 1-855-834-1782.

To decide if this is the correct option for you, talk to your bank to determine what interest rate they will charge, and whether you qualify for a consolidation loan and then you can compare that to what you are currently paying.Students may not have the life experience to real understand how credit operates and often do not consider a plan for repayment.Second, the ability to repay the loan is often contingent upon getting a job upon graduation.The calculation assumes a constant interest rate throughout the amortization period and the total interest cost is averaged over the life of the loan rounded to the nearest dollar.Your actual interest rate may vary depending on details provided in your credit application.

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Most consolidation loans require repayment within 5 years.

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