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Cpanel quota not updating

So you can feel free to create up to 50 email addresses repeating steps 7 and 8! If you have any questions or tips related to this process, please feel free to share them in the comments below.Also, this is one of those posts you should definitely share, tweet, or at least Google . • MX record looks like this = 1c65434453454335.pamx1.• SPF record looks like this = v=spf1 include ~ all Now you must login to your domain registar page. With the v=spf1 include:~all means, you are telling your server, that any server that is allowed to send mail from the IP addresses of mail servers is also allowed to send mail from Then you should be logged in, and your email account is all setup.This is commonly known as the c Panel that many hosts offer. The ~alldirective means that email messages that are not sent from the exact server will still be accepted. One of the benefits to using instead of Google Apps, is it’s completely free for up to 500 users!It’s requres a few technical details, but I’ll walk you through each step so that you can get your business or website email functioning.

There are only two records that must be setup, and that is the mx record and the spf record. Within the MX Entry panel, select the domain you wish to edit. Make note of the existing entries (copy their values to a text editor as a backup just in case you need to revert back to the default settings) 5. Enter the following entry (this is your MX record that you copied from before): Priority: 10 Value/Destination: db238490rand0mstr1ng138298.pamx1.(this is your personal MX record) Once your are done with your MX record, you are not quite finished with Cpanel just yet. The steps go like this: SPF RECORD: (see screenshot attached) The SPF record is a record that keeps your emails from being marked as spam. Within the DNS Zone Editor, select the domain you wish to edit. Enter the following Information: The CNAME Record simply allows you to access your mail server, through a pretty domain like In this case “test” will be [email protected]”. Type in “” and then login in with the email account you just created ([email protected]) Important: “You will probably need to logout of your Windows Live ID account, in order to access this page”.

Once you have created you windows Live id, go to and click “sign in”.

Use your id that you just created to sign into the website.

Be sure to select “set up Windows Live Hotmail, and then click “continue”. In order to check the progress, open your command prompt in windows, and type in the following: C:nslookup –type=txt your If your new records that you added show up, then you can move on to the next step!

Now comes the more technical part, but don’t worry, I am going to be with you every step of the way. Go back to com, and log back in with your Windows ID (that you created from step 1).

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