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Cybersexing chat

If you are doing something that you don't want anyone finding out about, well that is wrong. Ok so you are talking to someone online about intimate things, sharing private and emotional things with them that you would not share with your partner. The definition of cheating is really up to each individual. Some feel that just looking at someone of the opposite sex that is not your partner is cheating. Most people agree that cheating occurs when a person crosses over from thoughts to action. At the core of cheating are lies, deception and secrecy.Download it, set up your own 'room', decorate it as you choose and have a chat about whatever you fancy.All anonymous, and you can only enter a room if you've been invited. I have come to the conclusion that there is no finite answer. After reading many articles and watching a recent discussion of this subject on a few talk shows.

I once really fancied someone and we created a Teenchat room with a secret password after school so we could all chat. Sure enough, at 6.05 ' Luke' did indeed log in and I got so excited until I found at the next day that he hadn't logged in, and it was my mate playing a prank on me. I think people would believe it because it's the internet.

He or she has what you feel is a better understanding of you. Hiding behind the anonymous screen name can lie all the things you WANT to be as a person but are not.

Feeling a little ‘randy' and looking for some excitement? If you don't feel that is cheating then at the very least it most defiantly is damaging to the relationship and breaks down trust. That person seems to be there for you more than your spouse. You can be someone online that you are not in person.

Well it happened with Facebook, so if people actually use Rooms then who's to say we won't be talking about what so and so said when we were 'rooming'.

Or saying sentences like ' Well why don't you room him?

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When I confronted him, he didn't understand why I was upset.

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