Dating and marriage in cameroon

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Dating and marriage in cameroon

The council governs members of the community by deciding what beliefs and behaviours are considered acceptable.

Women are excluded from taking part in these decisions.

Child marriage unleashes a cascade of human rights violations.

Child brides are more likely to be forced to leave school, depriving them of their right to an education.

(^Whereas in the 1998 Cameroon DHS, used here, fertility declines monotonically with rising education, in the 1991 DHS, the relationship is non-linear.

The sets of demographic processes through which that change was effected will be the subject of a future article.

Introducing the idea of female participation on the council was considered a bold idea which could have had dooming effects such as social rejection.

It was necessary, however, to convince the leaders and some women that this was not an act of defying authority but rather a change to help strengthen society.

The Charter now states: "the status of a notable woman of the Faada gives the woman the rights, advantages, privileges and considerations equal to her male colleagues’, as defined at the time of her enthronement decided by His Majesty the siege lamido."In addition to this success, it was noted that the initial objective was to have ten women promoted in two traditional chiefdoms however, the final count was 33 women promoted in five traditional chiefdoms. A change that is welcomed by all women as in the past, women were forced to share their problems with men.“Women in the community show more enthusiasm for collective initiatives, including International Women's Day, which was only a relative one. It is a real revolution on the move here, believe me".

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Education, Ethnicity, and Reproductive Practice in Cameroon Jennifer Johnson-Hanks* The inverse correlation between women's schooling and their fertility is one of the most remarkable and resilient findings of social science in the latter half of the twentieth century (Basu and Aaby, 1998, p. Throughout the developing world, educated women generally bear fewer children, and start bearing them later, than do their less educated counterparts (Adamchak and Ntseane, 1992; Bledsoe et al., 1999; Castro Martin, 1995; United Nations, 1995).

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The northern area of ​​Cameroon is a well-known geographical area with deep cultural and religious beliefs.