Dating canaries

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[Read More...]In this sixth installment of the human stories behind herpetological research, we hear again from Dr. Below is an interview with Joe that was recently published in Herpetological Review 49(2). Our cover features an adult pair of Rainforest Hog-nosed Pitvipers (Porthidium nasutum), photographed in southeastern Costa Rica by César Luis Barrio-Amorós.

It was conducted by Conservation Section Editor Jennifer Stabile in November 2017. This issue is scheduled to be mailed on 29 June, although full contents are available online to SSAR …

We therefore turned to a panel of experts for advice on money, examining the characteristics of a prospective city to call home and drawing singles to those areas.

Click on the experts’ profiles to read their bios and thoughts on the following key questions: With the rise of dating apps and therefore dates, what financial advice do you have targeted to singles on a budget?

[Read More...] Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR), a not-for-profit organization established to advance research, conservation, and education concerning amphibians and reptiles, was founded in 1958.

It is the largest international herpetological society, and is recognized worldwide for having the most diverse program of publications, meetings, and other activities.

Finding love can be tough — if you look for it in all the wrong places.

Some cities might encourage dating by offering plentiful nightlife options and daytime attractions.

On our second date, my wife and I went to a bookstore and browsed together while having coffee, which naturally brought up shared interests and opportunities for conversation.What should singles be looking for when choosing a city?People who are single are more different than they are the same; they vary by age, interests, political leanings, partner preferences, and goals.If your goal is to get to know someone and you're on a budget, prioritize dates that allow for conversation, rather than dates that have steep price tags but limited chance for meaningful self-disclosure.By opting for contexts that allow for easy conversation (e.g., going for a walk in the park, meeting for coffee), you're giving yourself an opportunity to get to know your date, rather than spending money on a date that limits conversation (e.g., for a movie).

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