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Dating dilbert attractive

Dilbert's white shirt and striped tie were replaced with a red polo shirt and a badge on a lanyard.Subsequent strips published Monday through Saturday show all of the company employees wearing this same outfit, with the polo shirts varying in color between blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and purple.However, he did manage to have a few longer-term relationships. She liked Dilbert after she met him when they played for a city soccer team.Lena Olsen seduced Dilbert in order to get close to him and steal his ideas.But, it's kind of cool to us when we discover a woman who, seemingly, comes out of nowhere to capture our attention with her super hot pics. Dating the 60-year-old creator of the "Dilbert" comic series, Scott Adams, the 30-year-old Kristina is an absolute knockout who, let's face it, is the biggest win of Adams' personal or professional life.And, yeah, we know that he created one of the most iconic comic characters on the planet, guys.

Dilbert has gone on a number of dates, none of which ended well for him.

Anyway, here's to Scott Adams for landing a woman as amazingly attractive as Kristina Basham, because, thanks to a little cartoon character named Dilbert, you, sir, ended up becoming a legend.

If it's clear that we're more than just a little jealous, good, 'cause we 100 percent are.

Now, look, we know that there are some smokin' hot Instagram models out there who we can look at and gawk over all day long.

Heck, we probably spend more time doing just that than the average man — after all, it is our job, you know?

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Whoever knew that drawing a comic strip could land you such a smokeshow, huh?