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Both the Ibanez IMG2010 and the Godin LGX-SA use ebony for the fret board.Neck Design: The G-303 has a set neck, while the G-808 has thru-neck construction.I saw one e Bay auction, from March of 2007, that has a G-808 with this unique hardware, both bridge and knobs. While the G-303 and G-808 are very similar guitars, there are some distinct differences between these two highly sought after vintage guitars.Body: The G-303 has a maple top and mahogany body, the G-808 has an ash and walnut body.Greco Guitars were sold almost exclusively in Japan.Fujigen Gakki also built guitars for Ibanez, Fender, Fender/Squire, Yamaha, and of course Roland.

Also, almost all G-808 guitars have a unique stop bar tail piece with a nice piece of decorative wood glued to the top. I have an enlargement from the 1982 Roland Guitar Synthesizer brochure that clearly shows the larger, unique bridge and tailpiece.

Some have noted the the Roland basses have the logo "F Roland" on the headstock, for Fuji Roland.

And the Roland guitars have "GR" on the headstock, perhaps for "Greco Roland." The 1981 Greco Catalogue shows every Roland guitar synth product in production at that time.

Improving hex fuzz high-frequency response The hex fuzz section of a Roland G-series guitar (which is built into the guitar) mixes the fuzzed signal from each string into a single output.

Note, though, that this hex fuzz mixer starts rolling off high frequencies around 2k Hz.

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