Dating for scientists

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Dating for scientists

And then they screen out people with a history of drug or alcohol abuse, personality disorders, etc.It is more than likely that these factors account for their success, not anything inherent in their model.I ended up back at bachelorhood after a long and expensive trek through computer-aided love services; I decided to look for love on the Internet mainly to test the hypothesis behind a blistering 50-page critique of hyped up promise of dating websites.“The heavy emphasis on profile browsing at most dating sites has considerable downsides, and there is little reason to believe that current compatibility algorithms are especially effective,” explained the team behind an article published in .We’re not directing the writing at you, personally — your ignorance was just our inspiration (there, doesn’t that make you feel better? The same will happen when you say “causation” when you mean “correlation”. Embrace it (that’s what attracted you to us in the first place, after all).Don’t be surprised if we’re not impressed when you say, “I’m a scientist, too.” No, you are not.

So, despite my less-than-stellar experience with online dating, I’ll probably continue with an all-of-the-above approach.It’s a funny assumption, because even the bleeding edge of social science, which arguably has access to a lot more accurate data than e Harmony, is really quite bad at predicting human behavior.The normally poor state of social forecasting is compounded by the fact that individuals, in general, are terrible at knowing what they want in a significant other.If you make us do the same with you, you’re just gonna piss us off. We’ll respond with the vengeance of an science blogger railing against some researcher’s recently-retracted paper — and we’ll enjoy doing it. If you’re a part of our life, we’re going to do science on or scientifically write about you, your thoughts or a subject springing from one of the two. We have a strong, working knowledge of how the world works. We can delve into the intricacies of scientific laws, national and international research, where to find the good instruments, what’s happening with science fiction, what the good gamers are playing and more. Guaranteed, when you say “evolutionary psychology” we will automatically say “bullshit” — “evolutionary psychology” is not science.Don’t be upset when an argument against your adoration of homeopathy turns up on our blog. We’re not trying to call you dumb (even though you don’t understand basic science), it’s habit.

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As the researchers pointed out, humans really aren’t great at knowing how to predict who they’ll fall (and stay) in love with.

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