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Dating indian lady

:) Man with black hair, with black eyes, athletic, dark brown, single, for love, hindu, who never smokes, who occasionally drinks32 years, Dhakuria, West Bengal Hi its swati,if u want some cam fun then catch me on –--- at yahoo messanger or [email protected] contact at contact .I found this subreddit, I posted on others as well.They never really viewed me as someone they would eventually marry. This part was definitely a realization that has hurt me to the core.I didn't actually do it to spite Indian men or anything like that. At my age getting an arranged marriage or finding another Indian man to marry me is out of the question.I can do that because I am consistently progressive (:)), while you seem to want to have your progressive cake and eat it too.In your twenties you were hip and happening, what with all your white boyfriends and whatnot, and that is great. Nothing to do with parental pressures or anything you can use as an excuse.My brother ended up not having any sexual contact with a girl until he got married at 25 (arranged marriage) and now they have a child together.

I am now 32, and seems like everyone in my family has lapped me. You're looking at arranged marriage because you're obsessed with being married, and the social status that comes with that.You entire post is you being bemoaning that you don't have an "I do", nothing about the type of mate you want, the children you wish to have, the relationship you wish to build. Marriage to me something that might happen during the coarse of a lifelong relationship, it isn't an end-goal in itself. Your values are money, fitness and "the wedding, the clothes, the ceremonies, the respect".Admittedly it isn't very smart to judge a person's character based on a few posts on the internet, but that is what would worry me.No guys really see me as anyone they want a future with.The few progressive Indian guys I met that I really felt like I had a future with ended up leaving me for a younger virgin bride from India. My friends are all married, my family looks at me as an outcast.

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