Dating service in wisconsin russian dating scams email

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Dating service in wisconsin

“Fitness center" means an establishment that, for profit, provides as its primary purpose services or facilities that are purported to assist patrons in physical exercise, in weight control, or in figure development, including but not limited to a fitness center, studio, salon or club.

“Fitness center" does not include an organization solely offering training or facilities in an individual sport or a weight reduction center.

In addition to any other remedies provided by law, any person suffering a pecuniary loss because of a violation of this section may bring a civil action in any circuit court to recover twice the amount of the pecuniary loss, together with costs and disbursements, including reasonable attorney fees, and for equitable relief as determined by the court.

In this section, “dating service" means a service that purports to assist a person in obtaining friendship or companionship through a program in which a person is provided an opportunity to meet other persons.

Any contract for a dating service is unenforceable against the buyer and is a violation of this section if the contract does not comply with the requirements of this section or the seller fails to perform in accordance with the contractual provisions required under this section.

Bring an action for temporary or permanent injunctive or other relief in any court of competent jurisdiction for any violation of this section.

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The department may bring an action in circuit court to recover on a financial commitment maintained under sub.

(5) against a person selling dating services or relevant 3rd party, or both, on behalf of any buyer who does not receive a refund due under the contractual provision described in sub. Any person injured by a breach of a contract for dating services may bring a civil action to recover damages together with costs and disbursements, including reasonable attorney fees, and such other equitable relief as may be determined by the court.

If you do so cancel, any payments made by you will be refunded within 21 days after notice of cancellation is delivered, and any evidence of any indebtedness executed by you will be canceled by....

(the seller) and arrangements will be made to relieve you of any further obligation to pay the same." Every contract for dating services shall be for a specified length of time not exceeding 2 years and shall clearly disclose the full price of the buyer's contractual obligation including any interest or other charges.

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