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With the indictment of the Sierra Leone-UN Court, pressure from the US Bush administration and an offensive rebel attack on Monrovia by LURD and MODEL, Taylor on August 10, 2003, appeared on national television in Liberia to announce that he would resign the following day and hand power to the nation's vice president, Moses Blah.On August 11, Taylor resigned, leaving Moses Blah as his successor until a transitional government was established on October 14. brought three warships with 2,300 Marines into view of the coast.In the late 1980s, with the end of the Cold War and with accusation of human rights, rights abuses, mismanagement and "Rampant Corruption", charges against Doe, the US began cutting off critical foreign aid to Doe and Liberia.Samuel Doe survived a failed coup attempt, staged by Thomas Quinwonkpa, an original member of Doe's People's Redemption Council (PRC), and one of the 17 enlisted men who staged the 1980 coup that made Samuel Doe the 19th President of Liberia.During his administration Liberia joined the convention of African Powers for the preservation of big game, rare animals and birds. Gyude Bryant was chosen to lead a transitional government at the all-party peace talks in August 2003.The talks followed 14 years of civil war and the exile of former president Charles Taylor.

However, the United Stated withheld recognition until 1862, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, because the U. leaders believed that the southern states would not accept a black ambassador in Washington D. Roberts was re-elected three more times to serve a total of eight years.He biggest accomplishment was the annexation of the Colony of Maryland, now Maryland Country, into the Republic of Liberia in 1857.He also obtained the recognition of Liberia from the following countries: Belgium, 1858: Denmark, 1869; United States and Italy, 1862; Norway and Sweden, 1863; and Haiti, 1864. England and France were the first countries to accept Liberian independence in 1848. Roberts, Liberia's first President, spent his first year as Liberia's leader attempting to attain recognition from European countries and the United States.

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The Republic of Liberia was a one-party state ruled by the Americo-Liberian dominated True Whig Party (TWP).

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