Dealing with intimidating employees

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Dealing with intimidating employees

Supervisors and shop stewards are equally reticient to address issues with them in a direct and forthright manner.These employees need to be "managed" in a fair, firm and progressive manner.Directors and owners need to ensure that managers and supervisors are fully supported in their efforts to manage high conflict employees - generally - and when faced with harassment complaints and insubordination.Often, more than one supervisor should be involved in this process.Find your allies The reality of dealing with an aggressive colleague is that you're probably not the only person facing their behaviour and there's no point suffering alone.According to Clare Whitmell, of Job Market Success , your first point of contact should be your colleagues, "ask them how they manage this behaviour and use them as support when necessary".Negotiation coach, Clive Rich , suggests first identifying the type of person you're dealing with; are they an optimist or pessimist, do they like making quick decisions or take time to think things over, do they focus on the big picture or want to know all the details?Once you know this you can reflect that back at them.

Instead of hiding from this behaviour, individuals need to address it immediately and directly in a respectful and calm manner.From the union perspective, shop stewards should be trained on how to establish clear and respectful boundaries with a high conflict "member" to protect themselves from "personal attacks" should the employee decide to "turn on them".Harassment complaints launched by these employees should be investigated objectively and fairly; and any confirmed misuse of harassment policies and procedures should result in formal disciplinary action.In every workplace, there is a small percentage of employees who thrive in creating and engaging in persistent workplace conflict.They have very strong opinions on workplace issues, policies and personnel and become very aggressive (and/or passive aggressive) when others disagree with them, including union representatives, supervisors and managers.

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Using these strategies, managers, supervisors and union stewards can work to ensure that the interests of one do not overtake the interests of the whole.

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