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Question: How far do you think the gay community has managed to come in our time? I also think that Christopher Isherwood was way ahead of his time.

I had a friend who was dying of cancer and I remember him telling me that snow didn’t look like he’d ever noticed it looking, everything, because he was seeing these things for the last time and he knew he was going to die. So I wanted the audience to feel that, to experience what George was feeling and as the beauty of the world starts to pull on him, by the time that we’re at the end of the film he’s living in Technicolor, very vivid. Question: There’s a very languid style to the film, the male form and it’s variations.You only sense it a couple of times; when he’s not invited to the funeral because he’s not family and the biggest time really is when Julianne, his very best friend who’s known him for years, Charlie, says to him, ‘Don’t you miss this, what we could’ve been, having a real relationship and kids? He feels that if he can keep his outer world together that he won’t collapse inside.’ That to me, if I were George, would’ve been the thing that stung the most, that someone so close to you still didn’t really understand the relationship that you had with someone else. Question: How did that affect you as you wrote this story? This movie is really about living in the moment, appreciating the small things in your life that sometimes just go by without you really observing and understanding your connection to the universe and understanding that relationships with other people are really the things that matter. Colin’s character has a veneer but just inside is this romantic guy who’s suffering so much and it’s right behind the surface. I actually studied acting at NYU and I made a lot of television commercials which is how I put myself through college.Question: The point I’m making is that there’s a lot of sensuality to the film and not just the sex part – Ford: There is no sex. I would love it if you wouldn’t give away the ending but the end of that film is the end of all our films. He’s responding to them and…things are falling from the ceiling. It’s all going to fall out.’ I just remember becoming so paranoid about my appearance that I wasn’t a good actor because I was too self-absorbed and nervous.Question: But can you talk about juxtaposing those two things? I realized that wasn’t going to happen for me so I went back to school and studied architecture and fashion and now I’ve sort of ended up here.

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But when I was a kid I thought that I was going to be an actor.