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This is a part of what makes us so special and sets us apart from the rest of world.

The old adage, “you can spot a Jamaican in any crowd anywhere in the world” could never be truer.

They had no immunity to European diseases and were not prepared to deal with the harsh labor they were forced into.

Within several decades following colonization of the Caribbean, Indian populations had plummeted.

Columbus named the beautiful islands ‘The Virgins’ in reference to the legendary beauty of St. The period after Columbus’ visit was quiet as far as exploration and colonization is concerned. Tourist seeking the the warmth, beauty and relaxation the USVI offers, vacationed in the islands.

This is seen as an act of disrespect and is practiced socially and professionally. Well, many locals believe that whether you are married or not, a man proves himself to be "a man" if he fathers a lot of children, the women are looked to for giving birth to at least one child or else they become the bane of society- being teased and touted by their peers until they do so.

Even so, religion plays a great part in Jamaica’s custom.

Today they are found on reserved lands on only a few islands. In the early 1600s many countries took interest in the Caribbean and in “the Virgins”; Holland, France, England, Spain, Denmark and the Knights of Malta all sought colonies. The Danish West India Company first attempted to settle St.

England and Holland colonized and jointly inhabited St. The neighboring Spanish on Puerto Rico invaded the small colony; the French then quickly moved in, removing the Spanish and taking over themselves.

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