Entitymanager merge not updating record

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Entitymanager merge not updating record

Since the create() statement hadn't been executed yet for the parent, it was trying to save to a collection of an entity that hadn't yet been created. ) Session session=Session(); session.begin Transaction(); session.save(dep); session.save(emp); One possible cause of the error is the inexistence of the setting of the value of the parent entity ; for example for a department-employees relationship you have to write this in order to fix the error : Department dept = (Department)session.load(Department.class, dept_code); // dept_code is from the jsp form which you get in the controller with @Request Param String department Department(dept); There are so many possibilities of this error some other possibilities are also on add page or edit page.All I had to do to fix it was to move the set New Password() call after the call to create(). In my case I was trying to save a object Advance Salary. I faced this exception when I did not persist parent object but I was saving the child.

Once you have prepared the class loading, you acquire an Entity Manager instance.Updating the NULL value to 0 in the database corrected this.Permission p = new Permission(); Name("help"); Permission p2 = new Permission(); p2Name("self_info"); p = (Permission)crud Repository.save(p); // returned p has id filled in.We are finally ready to create our first Spring Data JPA repository. This blog post describes how we can create a repository that provides CRUD operations for todo entries.

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The trick is to ensure that the ID and VERSION in the referenced object is set so that Hibernate does not think that the referenced object is a new object that needs saving. Look through all of the relationships in the class you are saving to work out the associated objects (and the associated objects of the associated objects) and ensure that the ID and VERSION is set in all objects of the object tree.