Ethiopian dating wome

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Ethiopian dating wome

While a few women may find employment in education or politics, the number is minimal, and most find work in hotels, bars and factories, where they receive less pay than men, despite being occupied at the same tasks.

A high percentage of females (more than 85%), live in rural areas, where they work alongside men on the land, while also being responsible for looking after the home and the family.

Females from the bigger cities, such as Addis Ababa, Adama, Mek’ele and Gonder, take great care to appear tidy and feminine, and most wear just a tad of makeup, dress in colourful, trendy clothes, and yes, some even like to strut their funky stuff on high heels.

Women and girls from this amazing nation are absolutely gorgeous.

As mentioned above there are major differences between life in the country and life in the cities, where women are better cared for when it comes to health care, education and employment.

This is not unusual and is the norm for most African and Asian countries.

They are also unable to choose their own husband, the selection is done for them.

And should they have the misfortune to be raped, there will be no support to help them overcome the misery and rejection.

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