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Check out the weird post titles below, found on OMG facts: There are weird similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Titles that hit one of our hot buttons, usually money, sex, health and happiness, will always give us an urge to click and see what all the fuss is about. Blog posts that answer our questions, or solve our problems are great, but their titles need to state this, or better still promise it…

Celebrities and Brands in this age of pop culture really interest us. By stating things like ‘in 3 easy steps’ or ‘in 60 seconds’ we’re giving the potential reader a little promise (it’s not like a take-to-the-grave promise or anything…

Whether it’s in their emails, in the SERPS, on Facebook or even on your own Blog.

You’ll want to make your titles good enough for people to click, and read.

Yeah, so, we usually click titles and ads that we think will involve us or affect us in some way… Something just clicks in reader’s heads and it makes absolute logical sense to read. Now we know what kind of titles get clicks, let’s look at some bad post titles and how we can make them Click-Sexy! ’ GOOD: ‘The Top 10 Definitive List Of Smartphones That Should Be On Your Upgrade Wishlist’ WHY: We’ve used a list (Top 10) – we’ve used a remarkable word – ‘Definitive’ – we’ve added some spice by coining the phrase ‘Upgrade Wishlist’.

that’s obvious, but titles that really set you apart from others are even more Click-Sexy. BAD: How To Clean The Oven GOOD: The 10-Step EASY Guide To Cleaning Your Oven (With Pictures) WHY: We’ve used Steps, a remarkable word – ‘Easy’ and given it more value by calling it a guide, and letting the reader know it’s got pictures – Pictures will seal the deal.

Peculiar/Strange/Weird titles are usually based on surprising facts about a certain topic. It cost 7 million dollars to build the Titanic and 200 million to make a film about it And no, I haven’t made those titles clickable – we need to stay on topic here!It gives people a talking point and reason to share, and even better, discuss. BAD: Fashion Ideas For Summer GOOD: The Ultimate Style Guide For Summer 2020 WHY: We’ve used a remarkable word – ‘Ultimate’, and given the post more value by calling it a ‘Style Guide’ and given it a more timely nature by including the year ‘2013’.This tool will surely get your creative juices flowing however here are some more websites to take inspiration from.This is a bit of a long one, so we will help you out with some jump links!People are flooded with options every day on the internet.

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Of course some titles can be Click-Sexy that don’t fall into the above categories, but generally, these are the main culprits.

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