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Female led relationship dating service

As a strong, masculine but submissive man, it was also natural for Gary to embrace the subservient role in our marriage.

Gary has embraced and thrived on taking Kathy’s direction and orders.

2) – Who initiated the FLR relationship, and what were your first impressions of it?

Gary initiated the discussion of our considering a female led relationship by introducing some information from a website while Kathy liked the idea of having the final say on matters, she was initially uncomfortable with the word “obedience”, Gary being subservient to her, etc.

Domestic discipline has also reinforced Kathy’s authority, resulting in what we now feel is a near perfect marriage.

It is intended to give couples the knowledge to: - Explore different FLR areas - Communicate with honesty and trust - Approach your partner to create an agreement and limits - Comfortably ease into a FLR while avoiding common pitfalls - Types of Relationships - Approaching Your Partner - Honesty & Trust - Communication - What Type Do You Have?

Since we first began Learning Domestic Discipline our goal has been to provide information on all aspects of the domestic discipline lifestyle, including in-depth information on the different dynamics.

We sense that it is becoming more and more common, and is rapidly growing in popularity.

6) – What are some examples of rules that you have, and what type of consequences do you use?

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Gary has always responded very well to reinforcements and punishments as a way of steering his behavior.

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