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Flatmate speed dating clapham

In fact, I have only a vague idea of what it is, but suddenly "sitting quietly at home and watching DVDs" seems inadequate.

Most people have opted for a free-ranging chat to get to know me, Cormack is more military in his approach.

I sit down with Clapham native Cormack Jordan and h is Australian fiancée, Jodie Norris.

I try to strike up a rapport by asking him what his favourites are.

I stumble on for a couple of minutes before the whistle sounds again.

A London-based property agency is promising to find those seeking a house-share the perfect flatmate, with just two small conditions woven into their contracts; they must be young.must be rich.

Interconnected by buses, the London Underground tube network and the newly 24hr Night Tube, London’s boroughs compliment and compete with each other in equal measure.

Flatsharing in London is much more than just an affordable way to live.Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye observation wheel.Supported by 5 different airports, London is the melting pot cultural capital of the UK, attracting over 17 million tourists each year.When you’re looking for rooms to rent in London, finding your ideal spare room or flatmates in a city with over 8 million people can be tough.London offers over 620 square miles of unique and varied places to live, so the flatshare choices are endless.

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