Football players online dating

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Barton Fries These days footballers’ cars are not that hard to spot.If it doesn’t cost over 100k it’s not worth getting behind the wheel!You could do a whole article on footballers’ cars alone!But for most of our readers, untarnished by cynicism and time, you’ll still be plotting ways to get that treasured memento.So I’m here to help you out…to get a strategy as it were…so you’ll not remain forever a dreamer as I was.

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And most important of all…forget this at your peril… Ronnie Love And Barca again…must be something in the sangria! You can take your hat off But if you’ve got the body and the talent then cojones are not required…you’re a shoe-in to bare feet! If you’re male you can always track your target to the gents…but don’t use the line as it could be misinterpreted, unless of course it’s Joey Barton and you fancy a rumble.

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