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Free aldut sex chat

We are looking for fun active people to join us in our shenanigans! Are you looking for a safe space in game that you can call home?Are you an altoholic looking for people who are also into alts?This means there are people on the server but not enough that we have to deal with a queue to log in.If you have any questions, we're on Twitter @Ao AGuild or you can leave a message on our forum!

We're a social guild that focuses on having a good time in game, whether that be through Pv P, Pv E, or just being silly.

If you want to just hang around in guild chat and level and alt or nine, you can do that.

Jste si jist/a, že nechcete povolit verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash?

If you're interested in raiding we have a flex raid group that raids Wednesdays 5-8 PST and Sundays 3-6 PST.

We are located on the Ursin Pv P server, a medium population server connected with Andorhal and Scilla.

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You're awesome, we're awesome, and why not be awesome together?

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