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A.: Redtail, red-tailed buzzard, buzzard Field marks: Chunky, light-colored, broad-winged buteo, with dark patagial marks on undersides of its wings. Flight behavior: Typically migrates alone, although sometimes in small flocks.

Adults have rufous tails; juveniles have barred, brownish tails.

It has a chunky body, broad wings, and a tail that is often spread or fanned in flight.

The Red-tailed Hawk’s round-tipped wings and bulging secondary feathers make the species appear “muscular” in flight.

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When soaring, redtails typically hold their wings in a slight dihedral or shallow “V.” In North America, the redtail together with the Ferruginous Hawk and the Rough-legged Hawk, are the only buteos that regularly “kite” while facing into the wind with their wings set. Distinct differences exist between age groups, and among color morphs, and races.