Gemini woman dating cancer man

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Gemini woman dating cancer man

He may, every once and a while, be in a mood to enjoy the high-spirited fun that you thrive on, but his moods change with the phases of the Moon, and he will probably shift away from whatever possessed him to be so reckless with his tender feelings.

It does open lines of communication when working with the Moon that can go very deep.

With effort, this relationship might get another point, but it's not easy work.

Air vs Water - This elemental combination can turn a tranquil sea into a typhoon; you'll need to watch and analyze a Cancer Man's moods closely to keep things in balance.

As you can see, this is guaranteed to drive you absolutely batty.

No Gemini in the world wants that close a tab kept, but if you are smitten with this lovely moon creature, you will have to find ways to reassure her of your constant affection.

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