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Now I really adored both Julian, and their super passionate and hot lovemakin!He was totally devoted, OTT alpha and really loved Tara. I love strong female alphas, but she was soooo reluctant with him throughout the book that it seemed like a one way relationship (until she confesses in the last 1/3 the reason). Anyways, it was lovely to see Bella's wedding and the lovely chemistry between all the IAD members.

Julian King is a tycoon who owns hotels in just about every country Tara is a female warrior.

Tara is one of the two female agents of IAD, someone with a super difficult childhood and scars from her missions, and lives her life amongst men fighting.

When she's put into a mission which is against one of her past tormentors, she ends up meeting Julian King, the owner of multimillion dollar hotel chains while they run the operation in his buildings. While Julian is floored from the moment he sees her, Tara resists giving into him completely until the very end but they do enjoy making sexy time together.

He wasn't afraid of being vulnerable and he was just a breath of fresh air in a series where there are alpha males upon alpha males.- I'll end this by saying that Laurie Roma can write some sexy scenes! When Tara arrives in his life, she turns his world upside down and Julian inside out. When Tara arrives in his life, she turns his world upside down and Julian inside out. The author had improved her writing skills tremendously in between book 1 & 2. Her style very much resembles Lisa Marie Rice, in fact, she has surpass LMR's last few releases, IMO.

This one's for all the possessive/protective hero lovers!

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Here's the thing, had the situation been reversed, everyone would be all up in arms about a guy punching a woman, but no one says a peep about her doing it to Julian.

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