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In comparison, authorities reported prosecuting and convicting six child sex trafficking offenders during the previous year.

There continue to be reports of rural families “leasing out” their children, who are then exploited in forced labor, including forced begging and commercial sexual exploitation, in urban areas.

Protection The Honduran government provided limited funds to one NGO to provide services to vulnerable children.

Overall government efforts to identify, refer, and assist trafficking victims were inadequate and almost entirely dependent on civil society organizations.

Honduran authorities continued to lack systematic procedures to identify trafficking victims among vulnerable populations, such as people in prostitution or working children.

During the year, however, immigration officials received a training manual developed by an NGO on victim identification.

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In addition to anecdotal reports of trafficking incidents in the Bay Islands, Honduran authorities have identified child sex tourists in La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and Siguatepeque.