Im 19 dating 16 sex dating in oakfield wisconsin

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95% of 19 year-olds out there simply don't understand how the real world works and don't have the same sense of understanding that older people do.

But hey, you can justify your creepy behavior however you want.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I am 20 and this girl who is the younger sister of a friend of mine is 16 there is a 4 year difference between has the biggest crush I have ever seen a girl have on me. the harder I push away the harder she pushes sister has no problems. She is experimenting and don't be her guinea pig ..k? We don't want to see a thread about you getting a 16 year old pregnant...don't know what to do?

Here in the states you would get a lot of **** for that, but if it's legal where you are then the public might not be as judgmental.16 means she isn't even out of higth school yet... I've accidently had sex with a minor before..I met her in the bar went back to her house and found out in the morning so I point the finger at other people, not myself. It dosn't matter what everyone else is doing, do the right thing.

her sister and her boyfriend have a 5 year differennce shes 30 hes 35. If they see you as a "chester", you could get locked up! Or is this a crush she just has on you and you are trying to figure out how to stop it because the age difference is bothering you so much?

A lot depends on how her family sees your relationship. If she's living as an adult she might want to think about emancipation (if it's. So they can go and have as much wild crazy monkey sex as they want without worrying about the lawman harassing them. Is this a relationship you are interested in pursuing?

but make sure she actually loves u when she says loves u and not cos her hormones r kicking (which happens at this age). The fact that you are looking at this from a 3rd person perspective tells me right there that you should not pursue this relationships for many reasons. entering this with your mindset could turn very along. You don't say if you're "in love" with her, if you are, it may make a difference. I see you are in Canada, so for those Americans who are about to scream about statutory rape you should know that 16 is the legal age here.

Its a age difference but at the same time my younger cousin she is 16 living with her 24 year old BF. if u are comfi as in she makes u feel good and u maker her feel good then why not? so take it slow and normal :)The age difference is not all that bad - even at your/her youngish age but ... My first (real) gf was 15 (totally under legal age) and we ....... If you really liked her a lot you would be going out with her already. your more interested in talking about her crush on you which shows there is a maturity difference, 3...

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I have a 16 year old and if a 20 year old came sniffing around her I would kill him.

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