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The world it covers is old-time, and a random mix of burlesque, drag, sideshow, and fetish in style.

Its modern performers are young, nowhere near extinction.

I also was very influenced by another teacher in Chicago, John G.

Cawelti, who taught me (and doubting historians predating him) that popular culture should be taken seriously.

It’s a common misconception that country music is a Southern thing. But it was more of a rural thing when I was growing up (a suburban thing now).

Back then could hear it on the radio from Mexico to Canada.

Over the years I’ve photographed many different types of subjects, even animals and the human form.

Brodovitch’s stable ranged from fashion legends Richard Avedon and Irving Penn to photojournalists W.With this in mind, I have photographed country musicians in Nashville, my family and friends in Massachusetts, horse racing at Saratoga, nightlife in Buenos Aires, old highways everywhere, everyone in Cajun Louisiana, South American baseball, camel breeding in Dubai, tri-racial families in Maryland, and much, much more.For subjects, I prefer older cultures and places, especially disappearing ones.But no doubt the movement will play out its run at some point, and I hope will help in some small way to preserve and celebrate its existence.In 2001, I wandered into the Shim-Sham Club in New Orleans, and caught the first annual Tease-O-Rama event.

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Eugene Smith and David Douglas Duncan to photographers pursuing a personal point of view, such as Robert Frank and Lisette Model. One other great influence for me was my teacher at Rhode Island School of Design, Harry Callahan.