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But interest rates in the UJC are now having an increasingly adverse impact on borrowing costs.

This; may determine whether ne«I Congressional approval an additional Tnterim credit is Mexien agreed to repay the m'ade available: : 'pemiing resolu- U-S^f Wra J the. limits and the sterling value of its debt even if the pound were to continue to deteriorate at the rate of the past three years.

Government offered .bndsin R to •the Cha Rpr'Ua^s 'Aackaee' and- loans to Mexico from its Ex- the Britl? On top of this Lyons* actual trading background is still largely depressed.

Strenuous action to restrict lending can be expected in the New Year; and over the past six weeks the banks have been just about the worst performing stock market sector. Some societies be Eeve that • higher Interest rates are essen- tial— an Increase In the. On one broker assumption there is scope for GEC roughly to double its yield to around 6} per cent. • ■ considered a key This, of course; remains a big doubtful that the market can .resistance point - It nowre,'"** bnt the market is now a continue to rise much higher mains to be seen whether (4). The brings the r yearly payment to producers received the rise they 90-. present 121 per cent, mortgage rate to IS} or 131 pot* cent. A scheme of this sort would also provide the GEC management with an entirely new vehicle from which to pursue any longer-term de- velopments. gains have been spread right across the very wide base of market stocks and, if anything, the ma r k et 's **blue chip a -stocks making up the DJI have lagged behind.. ( 6 ) ( 10 ) demand exists at the institu- recognised the delicacy of this developed and it still has a long tional level, and the Inter- ™ ° nntnty S equilibrium by adopting a new life ahead. cents against 147.5 cents in bad been seeking -when the 1975."/" - floor price was increased from : A- -similarly predictable pat- $M1,000 to 5H1.075 per picul tern, was apparent in the divi- and the ceiling price was moved dends of two Union Corporation up from 3M1.200 - to SM1.325. Greotvle Ts December Yesterday the Eastern price was payment was 4 cents (2.75p) to $M1,234J. Bosch, stated ’ in his annual re- But the best intentions of the port . There should be greater volume, more shares quoted, more market-makers and thus better liquidity. In mi^it be a greater effort to find June:- there was also -a capital more tin and that the level of repayment of 10 cents a share, investment could increase. & 3-i ft P l ; i] i ■ fi ib fa jc- r 2721 (16) Wi W 428 (10), 534 (7) 288 (16) L830 (10) 19* (5) * 262 (4) Tonnes L423 101 - 971 668 1*28 467* 320* 840* 477 . Hiere seems to be a: reasonable chance that the market can be designed to enable U. investors to deal without going .tifemgh the dollar premium-^fiough the Bank of Ehgbiri L~ Sag' the last word on this scored * Will the idea r flit .’$• market in London ever be revfred? ' ’ of Stock Exchange m embers £aimot have- helped. Kobe** Fe U, the chief executive- Stock Exchange, believes j Ehat it will only be • resurrected if the Amsterdam marketfcroves to be an outstanding [email protected] or fails to get off the groups at al L Crossed finger#- If. 489 312 5 182 335* 208* 475 568* 57 338* 302 - 171 832 14* L275 236 117 616 1,159 832 1,171 151 216!

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