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Mirroring psychology dating

Just following them blindly will not get you ahead.Hacking them, however, will give you the best results possible.This occurs because we don’t really like the guilt of not helping someone out and we do like to be the one who is capable of helping. Most of our actions are the outcome of our need for validation. After he finishes, rephrase what he just said in your own words. This one is extremely powerful and also a bit manipulative especially if the person is suggestive.This will make him think that you are a good listener and that you are really interested in him. So use it with your own responsibility and in an ethical way.Interrupting people when they are in the middle of an important conversation is one of the most annoying things to do.It shows that you have zero knowledge of social dynamics which will lead to unpleasant social situations.

This is very useful in public speaking but also in building rapport with an acquaintance.

If the other person is observing you and pays attention, they will most likely mimic you. I usually don’t even listen to the other person when he says his name the moment we get introduced to each other. Remembering names is very important because we feel important when someone mentions us. Example: “Hi my name is Alex” “Nice to meet you Alex. ” And continue to repeat his name throughout the conversation.

So usually, I ask a friend to introduce himself to the person so I can listen to his name. This is a very common situation when you don’t know the other person that well or your question wasn’t clear enough.

So instead of losing time talking to a person who is distracted and might not even be interested in what you are saying, do this.

Fold your arms while talking and see if the other person follows your move.

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Nodding while you try to deliver your message is a powerful way to get the person to agree with you.

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