Nigeria scams and dating websites 100 free hispanic dating no credit cards

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Nigeria scams and dating websites

I have been looking here to check him out and note he has been using lots of different names like Daniel Markel, Roland Smith etc. I just had a very similiar experiance but his name is Anthony James.

Thankfully I did the photo search and found out he is a scammer. Yes I am interested in your post I was akwardly induced to like this girl that was not real... He is asking me for 23,000 to get out of jail for fines not paid after being in an auto accident.

I met a doc Wilson on line working in Syria as medical doctor for us army but working for United Nations and is 57 and wants early retirement. I wish I could compare photos with someone or somewhere? I feel so foolish for falling for this type of scam. I've been talking to female scammers on Twitter. Come to find out today..bought clothes , womens shoes and a playstation with it. He had asked for money but the bank told me not to. Even while I came on this site to see why someone would want me to send them 2 0 ones just for a gift.

We chatted for a little while, and he suggested a different website (Whats App) to continue talking.

I work at a credit union - and have member's falling for these types of scams regularly. The man who scammed me money three years ago, contact me again, he said he was sorry and will repay the money to me. My case was reported to police three years ago, but finally closed file by police for further investigation impossible.

I was scammed by a guy calling himself Peter Kaua Sullivan, my fiance.

I met him on and he scammed me all my savings over 2 years period from Western Union, Moneygram, Walmart to Walmart, ITunes cards. He tried to make me feel guilty because I couldnt send the money. He had a European accent and told me he was from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Just as you all said he was stuck abroad, his son had cancer and he owed taxes to Istanbul, Turkish government for job done there. We spoke for a long time and he told me he was on a ship heading to Australia for business in shipping.

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He was an elderly man who told me that he and his wife had identity issues and he never heard of the third party bank the check was cut from. I called the sender of the check and told him it cleared but I was keeping the money.

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