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This cooperation has been part of our shared history for over 75 years, and will continue to be vital in protecting our countries.

Every day our brilliant people share information and ideas as they counter shared threats in an increasingly digital world. Jeremy Fleming - Director GCHQ, Admiral Mike Rogers - Commander of US Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, and General Sir Christopher Deverell - Commander of the UK's Joint Forces Command.

The private approach to dating has worked well for many who find themselves in positions of power or particular scrutiny.News article - GCHQ has a long established history of collaboration with the USA, dating back to WWII.One of the enduring legacies of WWII is the Signals Intelligence relationship between the UK and the US.For more conventional forms of funding, there's Active, a site for startups looking to connect directly with accredited investors and vise versa.For a searchable online database of small venture capital firms, visit the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies website.

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Many lonely entrepreneurs find fulfillment only after matching up with an outside resource, says Mike Docherty, founder and CEO of Venture2, a firm that aligns entrepreneurs and technology innovators with corporations to accelerate product development via a collaborative process known as open innovation."Entrepreneurs and startups need to do what they are good at.