Places in islamabad for dating

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Places in islamabad for dating

This harmonic convergence symbolizes Pakistan’s national unification and solidarity as one people.In addition, the four converging petals represent Pakistan’s major provinces – Balochistan, Punjab, Kyhber-Pakhtunkwa and Sindh while the shorter petals sandwiched between them portray Pakistan’s territories – specifically Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and government controlled Tribal Areas.Taking it to the streets in Islamabad’s active yet tolerable nightlife scene is an adventurous way to meet friendly locals over some delicious Pakistani cuisine.7) Monal Restaurant Located in Daman-e-Kohpark, this high quality and affordable restaurant specializes in chicken and rice dishes ranging from chicken Seekh kebabs to Biryani South Asian rice.Intricately carved mosaics of marble and glass in triangular patterns hang from the tented ceiling in the prayer room which itself can hold over 10,000 people.

9) Jinnah Supermarket Famous as a trendy hang out spot for youth and fashion-seekers, this circular shaped supermarket complex offers a smorgasbord of world dishes, cafes, hole-in-the wall eateries and music stores.

Meaning “foot hills” in ancient Persian language, Daman-e-Koh is a spectacular vista point in the Margalla hills where one can get a panoramic view of Islamabad and the picturesque Faisal mosque on the horizon.

6) Rawal Lake Flowing down from the Margalla hills, the Korang river pours into the Rawal lake, a scenic reservoir in the Malpur village district of Islamabad.

Stunning pyramidal mosques share the green cityscape, dotted with relaxing and family-friendly parks, rustic ruins, and avant-garde markets for the youthful hip crowd.

Its no wonder that Pakistan’s pride gets on the podium for being the 2nd most beautiful city in the world, an often overlooked prestige that many people are oblivious to.

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Ensconced on top of a patio foundation made up of marble, the patriotic structure allow’s a picturesque bird-like view of the capital.