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Ps3 stuck on updating

Bugs with You Tube functionality have also been reported.For now, Sony has suggested booting consoles into "Safe Mode" to update a system's software and told CNET "we're investigating these issues and will provide an update once we have more information." Whatever you do, try and avoid unplugging a hanging PS4, as you can damage the system's data.Play Station 4 users may not want to update their consoles to firmware version 2.00 just yet -- at least not until Sony is able to send out a patch that fixes some of the software's hiccups.Version 2.00, codenamed "Masamune," boasted a number of notable feature updates including uploading gameplay videos to You Tube, sharing games with friends over the Internet and system themes.Beyond that, 99 percent of the time I swap out shitty tiles for new ones, it gives me the same shitty ones back. We have bands that attract predominantly female audiences never leave us again, Sleater-Kinney and we have online activities that are so innocuous, we like to presume they're safe.The second one was an amateur shot of him his name was graphic too and a woman.As I have said before I have paid money for items in the game with my PSN so I want to play under that PSN.I dont appreciate that none of your support team has replied to this thread and youre confirming the popular opinion that free to play game developers are money grabbing corporate machines that dont give a monkey about the game or the gamers, just the cash you can make from it.

What I DO have a distinct with is your reporting system.To avoid this issue, please accept to download the Update by selecting [OK] within 2 seconds of its appearance on screen when prompted. If you wait longer than 2 seconds, please decline the Update by pressing the Circle button when the message in step 1 is displayed, then select [Back] in the subsequent "Sign-In to PSN" screen.The game will start, quit the game using the PS button while in the [My Home] screen and follow the procedure described above. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.Hi all, yesterday I downloaded and successfully instaled Spartacus Legends. SUCKS im on ps3 not been able to log in for 3 days which has really pissed me off cause i was 30th and climbing fast in the weekly torment now i got no chance of getting in top 20 for the weap even if i get back on today its unfair and takes the piss tbh everyone not able to log for last few days should be given the weap from the tordy as we have no way to get it now am soo pissed off was really enjoying this game but tbh this **** is getting old now soon ps3 users are going to fck off for good unless u get ya arses in gear and do somethink about it!! Its a shame because i used to love this game and have spent actual money on it!!! I have deleted and reinstalled the game 5 times now and still the same problem.T Then I executed the game for the first time and the patch 1.05 was successfully installed. Updating Game Data...I had left it as that for more than 2 hours and nothing. Hi all, yesterday I downloaded and successfully instaled Spartacus Legends. Its a shame because i used to love this game and have spent actual money on it!!! Now I then went back to my actual psn and tried to play and guess what, IT FROZE.

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Hello Spiceworks, A friend of mine has a problem with his PS3 Slim 160 GB version.

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