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I have already found one for British English, but I do have a problem to find the American one.I would like to ask you for help; if you know some kind of a program or maybe some helpful website...Firstly, you're absolutely right about phonemic/phonetic mix up: this is a phonemic chart.

Finally, why are phonetic and phonemic symbols necessary in the first place ?Phonology, on the other hand, is concerned with the study of the sound system of specific languages. phonemes) which a sociocultural group of people in contact with one another sanction and consider as meaningful when they engage in communication with each another in the spoken medium in order to create, negotiate, interpret and achieve their intended meanings.And so, we have specific areas of study such as Spanish Phonology, English Phonology, Russian Phonology and such like.I also think that the dipthong pronunciation is a little over-emphatic and unrealistic.These are things that are easy to remedy and the layout's attractive.

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Phonology deals, broadly, with two major areas of analysis and study in reference to specific languages: In phonological analyses, we only use a restricted number of the many various different symbols available in Phonetics in order to represent visually the sound system of a specific language.