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I suggested we tell her multiple times, but he wouldn’t have the courage.Finally, I gave up and believed him when he said she would be ok with it.

I hated myself for doing what I was doing, and yet, I couldn’t help myself. That’s what happens to any woman who’s involved with a married man, because when you’re the “other woman” there are no weekends together, no family parties, no meeting friends, nothing.Getting into a relationship with married men We love helping people we like out of troubling situations.And admit it, you’d love a man who’s a mess, if he likes you. But when he looks towards you for emotional support and love, the same things his own wife, apparently, doesn’t provide him, you end up falling in love, more with his emotional affairs rather than anything else.While indeed some women who sleep with married men end up catching feelings and wanting to have a “normal” relationship, it's not always done with cruel intentions.“The forbidden and the taboo is one of the biggest turn-ons for people.

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You are just a mysterious part of a married man’s life that surfaces when he packs his bag and tells his wife he’s travelling to another city.