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Many report that when they directly tell the harasser to stop, the harassment often, but not always, ends.

Family and social interactions differ from individual to individual, community to community, and ethnic and racial group to ethnic and racial group.

They shift the blame to the victim and obscure the motivation of the harasser which is to achieve power and control over the person harassed. It is not done in jest or "good fun"; rather, it is done to intimidate and hurt others.

Many are forced to quit their jobs or take sick leave to escape from the harassment.

A calculated the cost of lost productivity due to sexual harassment to be /annually per federal employee.

This does not include investigation or litigation costs.

An employer who knows of the sexual harassment of an employee and does not take prompt, appropriate action will be held responsible for the harassment.

Likewise, even if an employer does not know of the harassment, Following is a list of myths and their corresponding realities.

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Harassers are found in all types of occupations, at all organizational levels, among businesses, academic and all ethnic and religious groups.

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