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He was a big, rather heavyset man, with strong opinions and an unwillingness, if not an inability, to keep those opinions to himself." (3) Sophie was very close to her sisters and brothers, Inge (b. Do you know where that's all going to end." (5) Elisabeth Scholl later pointed out why they rejected their father's advice: "We just dismissed it: he's too old for this stuff, he doesn't understand. A close-knit clan with a strong sense of each other, they usually provided themselves with enough companionship to make a presence of outsiders unnecessary." (4) Robert Scholl was a strong opponent of Adolf Hitler and was very upset when Hans joined the Hitler Youth and Sophie Inge and Elisabeth became members of the German League of Girls (BDM) in 1933.Sophie Scholl, the daughter of Robert Scholl and Magdalena Scholl, was born in Forchtenberg on 9th May, 1921. (1) Over the next few years he managed to get the railway extended to the town. He argued against Hitler and the Nazi Party and disagreed with his children's views that he would reduce unemployment: "Have you considered how he's going to manage it?He also had a community sports centre built in Forchtenberg but he was considered to be too progressive for some and in 1930 he was voted out of office. "Robert Scholl had lived in several small towns in Swabia, an area of south-west Germany known for its rural charms, thrifty people, and spirit of independence, before settling in Ulm, where he opened his own office as a tax and business consultant. He's expanding the armaments industry, and building barracks.We did not expect any explanation from him, but gradually we found out that the image and model of the Hitler Youth which had been impressed upon him there was totally different from his own ideal... This had nothing to do with Father's objections; he was able to close his ears to those. The leaders had told him that his songs were not allowed...

He knew that opponents to tyranny could never be created by force, only by personal experience." (13) Sophie eventually became a Group Leader of the BDM.

We found this good, and we were willing to do all we could to contribute to the common effort.

But there was something else that drew us with mysterious power and swept us along: the closed ranks of marching youth with banners waving, eyes fixed straight ahead, keeping time to drumbeat and song....

This was far from customary practice in German households, where, by long tradition, the authority of the father was seldom questioned or his statements challenged...

His aversion to mindless nationalism was not only unchanged but stronger than before.

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