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After twice getting underway and being forced back to Smyrna by bad weather, the ship finally sailed to Syria and reached Beirut on 25 March 1848, and the expedition left the ship and proceeded on to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

Lynchs report of the exploration still was cited in the 1970s as a primary source of information on the area. When she returned, late in August 1848, she learned that the exploring party had successfully completed their undertaking and that Lynch, forced by the poor health of his men, had chartered a small French brig to carry them to Malta.

Supply then headed west and reached Malta on 11 September 1848.

There, Lynch and the entire expedition party reembarked, and the ship returned to the United States, she reached Norfolk, Virginia, on 8 December 1848 and was decommissioned there on 17 December 1848.

Throughout the Civil War, Supply supported the blockading squadrons on the United States East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, she took her sole prize of the conflict on 29 January 1862.

Navy at Boston, Massachusetts, late in 1846 for service during the Mexican–American War, she was delivered to the United States Government at the Boston Navy Yard on 8 December 1846, and was commissioned there on 19 December 1846, Lieutenant John Calhoun in command.After an introductory discussion of principles to be considered in practice with ethnic minorities, the authors apply these principles to working with specific ethnic minority groups, namely African Americans, Latinos, Asian/Pacific Americans, and First Nations People.Distinctive cultural values of each ethnic group are explored as well as specific guidelines and ...Two years later, she returned to New York to prepare for service in the West Indies Squadron; however, she was assigned instead to the East India Squadron as stores ship in support of Commodore Matthew C.Perrys next assignment was perhaps the most unusual duty of her career.

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The ship reached Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire on 30 January 1856, loaded 21 (some reports say 31) camels, and sailed on 15 February 1856 for the Gulf of Mexico.