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Startup dating salon

Sincerely though, Marlene is grateful to be working for this exciting company with such an incredible group of people.

She is thrilled to be working alongside such a talented group of people at such an amazing company, and absolutely loves what she does - which is make people happy!

MC is a matchmaker for Dating Ring as well as a (pro bono) matchmaker for her friends and family. Her favorite reality TV show is Millionaire Matchmaker, and it's a secret dream of hers to have Patti Stanger intrusively adjust her bra and tell her to straighten her hair and show more cleavage.

MC finds most of life to be “interesting” or “amazing” - especially her clients. Possibly her worst date was with a girl who didn't work because she'd spent the last 10 years "healing." The girl was thinking of dropping the 2 classes she was taking because it was cutting into her busy schedule. Rebecca's favorite things to do are drinking coffee and parsing her friends' relationships while drinking coffee.

Ariel is so excited to be working as a matchmaker for Dating Ring.

After spending the entirety of her college career in a long distance relationship, she essentially earned her degree in being a professional wing-woman.

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