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Stop shockwave from updating

On another occasion, he and Skywarp made a strafing run on two Autobot spies, Jazz and Sunstreaker.Jazz was deafened and blasted off the road, but Sunstreaker led them into a human military zone, prompting Megatron to call them back to base.

One of the few things he seemed to loathe even more than the world he was stranded on was the attitude of his commander, Starscream.

That was not, however, entirely the end of Thundercracker's story.

Unicron was waiting in space for a chance like this, and when the newly reborn Galvatron needed some new troops to command, Thundercracker was among the old Decepticons chosen to use as raw materials.

Regardless, he needs constant reassurance that he's where he needs to be. He was deactivated when it crashed on Earth, and he lay dormant for four million years.

When he and his fellow Decepticons awoke, Thundercracker was given a new altmode, that of an Earth jet.

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