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On September 21, 1972, Marcos imposed martial law on the Philippines. Marcos’s later years in power were marred by rampant government corruption, economic stagnation, the steady widening of economic inequalities between the rich and the poor, and the steady growth of a communist guerrilla insurgency active in the rural areas of the Philippines’ innumerable islands.Holding that communist and subversive forces had precipitated the crisis, he acted swiftly; opposition politicians were jailed, and the armed forces became an arm of the regime. By 1983 Marcos’s health was beginning to fail, and opposition to his rule was growing.Despite being caught and the evidences presented in halls of Senate, Aguirre still filed cases against Hontiveros in October.He has tagged Cebu city major Tomas Osmeña as a drug lord protector.Tried for the assassination in 1933 of a political opponent of his politician father, Marcos was found guilty in November 1939.But he argued his case on appeal to the Philippine Supreme Court and won acquittal a year later. During World War II he was an officer with the Philippine armed forces.However, Aguirre was apparently unaware that the photo of the alleged meeting in Marawi was posted on a Facebook fan page created by the President’s supporters on May 13, or more than a week before terrorists mounted the attack, this accusation drew flak from the public especially those he named due to the lack of credibility of his claims and the fact that he picked the image which was first shared and posted on several pro-Duterte blogs and known sources of fake news, including and In September 2017, senator Risa Hontiveros caught justice secretary Aguirre drafting fabricated charges against her through text messages during a hearing on the deaths of minors caused by the Philippine Drug War, the same tactic was used by Aguirre against senator Leila de Lima, which led to de Lima's arrest a few months past.

Marcos announced the end of martial law in January 1981, but he continued to rule in an authoritarian fashion under various constitutional formats. dignitaries—(from left to right) Philippine Foreign Minister Carlos P. To reassert his mandate, Marcos called for presidential elections to be held in 1986.

He was a full scholar at San Beda College, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in 1967, Aguirre has been in private practice for many years, he established a law firm in Makati with partners Rodolfo Robles, Sixto Brillantes, Jose Ricafrente, Antonio Nachura and Antonio San Vicente.

He served as the lead counsel of Hubert Webb in the 1995 Vizconde murders case and as deputy counsel of the Feliciano Commission's fact-finding investigation of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny.

Aguirre and Maria Napeñas, his father was a former mayor of the town who also served as Liberal Party chairman for almost 40 years.

The eldest of nine children, he attended the Mulanay Elementary School and graduated as valedictorian in 1959, his family then moved to Manila where he received his high school and college education.

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Aguirre claimed that the senators flew to Marawi and met with members of two influential local political clans a few days before the May 23 siege.

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