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The Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series is also available online.One evening in mid-October 1764, the young Edward Gibbon sat among the ruins of the Capitol at Rome.

Many of the below promises things they don't do, or simply don't function at all. Sources may be preselected, results can be saved and mailed. Aimed at scientific and technical information, also business and some news.

Dictionaries can be very helpful in preparation of a search.

They should be used in accordance to the Semantic Table to create proper keywords and paying attention to such things as synonyms, homonyms, spelling variations, translations, history, etc.''Dictionary Vocabulary Translation''. In Dutch, translates to and from English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Zoekinstrument voor het terugvindbaar maken van kennis en publicaties, onderhouden door het Kennis en Informatieknooppunt van de Politieacademie.

Bijzonder handig voor het vinden van alternatieve zoektermen. Met directe links naar de catalogi van het mediacentrum.

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