Thierry henry dating a model

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Prior to that, Henry was linked with other models, Chloe Walton and Sadie Hewlett.

Henry separated from his wife, Nicole Merry, in December 2008.

Currently, she is dating French footballer Thierry Henry.

After the divorce, Henry left to play for Barcelona.

This firm had several high profile clients like Princess Diana and Heather Mills.

Thierry Henry’s assets were estimated at 25 million pounds, and sources claimed that his wife, Nicole Merry was seeking close to 10 million pounds.

The couple who seems to be getting along just great has been taking things slowly; keeping their relationship pretty much under the radar with no major scandals or gossip to really talk about.

They enjoy vacation trips, one of their favorite spots seems to be a romantic getaway at the Maldive Islands.

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Nebojša Rajačić; and although her dad could probably get her a major discount on any cosmetic procedure the gorgeous Bosnian model does not need a thing fixed!